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Meta’s instant messaging application WhatsApp has been working on many features lately. One of them is Joint Account. With this feature, we will now be able to connect to a single account with multiple devices. Here are the details…

WhatsApp is testing the Joint Account feature!
The new feature of WhatsApp allows 4 different devices to be connected to a single account synchronously. Of course, it is still in the testing phase and only offered to Android users in the tester group. It remains unclear when the feature will be available to all WhatsApp users. However, forecasts point to the next month.

You can check whether the Joint Account feature is active or not in the WhatsApp registration section. For this, you need to delete the application from your phone (Don’t forget to backup your messages). In order to log in to the account from the second phone, you must press the three-dot icon in the upper right from the registration section, and then click on the “Connect to device” option. If you don’t see this option, you are not a tester.

New mode for calls from WhatsApp is coming!
Attracting attention with its Joint Account, WhatsApp recently announced that it is working on a feature that will automatically mute groups. Yesterday, it brought this feature to the stable version. In this way, it plans to save users with crowded groups from unnecessary notifications. Do Not Disturb mode, which WhatsApp has tested behind this feature, will also work for calls with a similar function.

This mode will automatically hang up calls. So users will not see calls when they want to rest and are busy. This feature, which is in the testing phase, is similar to the classic Do Not Disturb on phones. But it only works for the app it’s connected to.